How The Middle Ground Parenting Programme began.

Working with couples who have separated or who are divorcing is what I enjoy despite it often being conflict driven, challenging to facilitate positive communication and resolution and at times having to accept I will be caught in the crossfire!

I get to see good parents going through one of the worst times of their lives step up and be great parents. As a Family Consultant I get to support people in trying to separate their own emotions from that of their children, and not just that but, their own needs from that of their children. 

There is nothing more rewarding than having a family come back for a check in after a year and tell me about the good Christmas they just had, a family day out together or share in the laughter of a mishap one of their children had in the school play.

When parents who had had a tricky start can describe how they have helped and supported each other as co-parents, despite not always agreeing on issues, I feel my job is worthwhile.

 To be clear, when I started working with the families mentioned above, they were not on the same page. It took time, humility, some tears and most importantly trust. Not in each other as there used to be, but trust in the fact they loved their child as much as each other, even if they parented differently. It isn’t an easy thing.