Family Consultancy

Family consultancy works hand in hand with Collaborative Law and Mediation.

Traditionally people approach lawyers for divorce, embarking upon a legal procedure to separate from their partner. Unfortunately relationships are not legal entities and the emotional issues responsible for the breakdown of the relationship will continue if not increase during a divorce, causing more anguish, hostility and greater distress for all concerned.

Good family lawyers recognised that they were not trained to deal with the emotional aspect of separation and the huge impact it had on divorce proceedings. This led to family centred collaborative lawyers teaming up with specialist Family Consultants, professionals who have a background in psychotherapy or counselling.

Family consultants are involved from the initial meeting, working with the clients individually or together, both during and outside subsequent collaborative meetings. Lawyers concentrate on the legal aspects and the family consultant will be concerned with the psychological and emotional wellbeing of clients. Providing support, understanding and unpicking possible blocks.

Therapeutically trained, family consultants understand the psychological and emotional impact separation can have on individuals and children. They increase insight for all parties and bring clarity to difficult to reach decisions. Formulated agreements are then more likely to endure, benefiting the whole family, instead of allowing strong emotions, or unhealthy patterns of behaviour to result in games, blocks or impasse.

Although divorce is often a stressful process, good support can reduce distress and result in a better post divorce relationship. This is essential where children are involved as clients can begin to develop a new healthy co-parenting relationship.