Separation Support

Separation can be a very painful process and when emotional states are working overtime we can be overwhelmed by the practicalities necessary to move forward. Issues such as how, when and what to tell the children are usually a stumbling block for parents who are trying to ensure minimum disruption and disturbance for their children. Interim contact arrangements, bridging maintenance and holidays may need to be agreed upon and when emotions are raw, this can be difficult to do alone.

If you are not the residing parent you want to make the most of your time with the children. What can sometimes happen is that through a sense of guilt or lack of quality time together, you do not want to discipline children when they are with you or impose set boundaries, like bedtime and behaviour. However these are not helpful in the long term for your relationship with the children or the children themselves. All these issues can be discussed and given space for reflection, to plan for a long term workable solution.

In a relationship roles and chores are usually divided. When you separate you can then be faced with having to manage a role and issues you possibly haven’t had to deal with in some time.

It can also be difficult to begin to imagine life on your own, especially if the other person is further down the emotional road of separation and moving on. This can leave you feeling lost, confused and wondering if you will be able to cope. Support can help with practicalities and with rebuilding yourself in your new situation.

Guidance and support can be provided through on going fortnightly or monthly support or a one off session to discuss a particular aspect.