• How The Middle Ground Parenting Programme began.

    How The Middle Ground Parenting Programme began.

    Working with couples who have separated or who are divorcing is what I enjoy despite it often being conflict driven, challenging to facilitate positive communication and resolution and at times having to accept I will be caught in the crossfire! I get to see good parents going through one of the worst times of their lives step…

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  • Lockdown Divorce

    With Lockdown upon us, and people feeling trapped in marriages they want to leave, for us professionals in Family Law, now more than ever, is the time we need to be thinking of how to reduce adversity for our clients. Being stuck together with health worries, possibly financial worries too and no where to go…

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  • Your Children are not Your Children

    Every now and then I have a parent come in who is afraid of ‘losing’ their child to the other parent. An insecurity in themselves, a fear perhaps that the other parent can’t or won’t look after their child as they think they should be looked after? Perhaps their only identity is that of a…

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